The Ultimate Source of iPad Knowledge

Tired of waiting for someone to show you how to use YOUR new iPad?
(The one that you bought with your money?)
Well here’s an amazing site for you and your ipad.

(Or click this link )

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Brachial Plexus Book in iBooks store

Hey guys,

This could be a useful app for First Years using iPads. AND it’s FREE. All you need to do is open your iBooks app, Click on the Store button at the Top left Corner and do a search for “Brachial Plexus for Students”. Then ENJOY.

Note: There’s no telling how long this will be free.

Check it out for yourself:

-Emmanuel K

Free space! (what?)


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Welcome to Medical school. It looks like most of you finally bought an iPad. And are now wondering how you can get all of your Kaplan videos onto it.

We’ve got your solution (for a -non monetary price)

Space-by now you’ve already downloaded dropbox, as well as other cloud products no doubt.
Well most of these are probably associated with your personal email account…however. You’re a student, and therefore part of an organization…and therefore eligible for’s 50GB of free, online, cloud-stored, Crash-impervious…did I say free?

Oh right.. The catch, well, seeing as students are naturally slow to do anything their asked to do, we’ve decided to tie this deal to the blog. Follow this website by clicking the (not – twitter!) follow button, and you’ll be joined to the list of students who receive crucial emails from the website every time it’s updated. ( this is a really small commitment on your part)

Again. Click button – Get online space.

‘now why would I want online space #sommc2016 ?

Ah… Let me enlighten you. The reason we have Dropbox, google drive, Microsoft skydive, cubby, files hare,megaupload , and box .net is so that we can carry everything we need on our iPads, Mac Airs, Samsung Galaxies, and Asus tablets …without really having to carry it on the device. Imagine being able to call down your entire repository of Kaplan videos, step prep questions, and digital textbooks from ‘the internets’ while still maintaining your eclectic collection of Nigerian dancehall and Norwegian gregorian chant.

So here are a couple of free apps that will make the deal above as awesome as the first time you saw new jack city.



IAnnotate PDF


Each of these apps can link directly to, instantly bringing you movies, documents powerpoints, and Kate’s notes without filling up your harddrive.


Anatomy Dissection Labs-

Salut All,

  Congrats on your first day dissecting the human anatomy.

(crazy huh?)

Well, to assist with what will be one of your most cherished experiences in medical school, your Anatomy TA’s have uploaded their recommended dissection videos in the Box.Net account assigned to your class…(We’re pretty kind).

Here’s the catch – we’d love to have you guys click the “Follow” button at the top left of your website’s homepage – (so that this blog’s posts arrive on your front doorstep) – that … and make this page your homepage.

So how do you get these items? Scroll down to the bottom of the page, wait a couple seconds (it takes awhile for to load) and download the files in the “Dissection videos” link to your personal download folder.

(We’ll be playing them during lab anyway)

Buy: Furniture, Tech, tools, Appliances, Sheets etc? – Essex.

If buying books wasn’t enough – you have to buy everything you use to live too… I don’t know about you, but I love to save money…years ago the “Big Box” store became popular, with Marshall’s, Ross, and TJ-Max making a killing, however, the concept was gently applied to everything  else. Talk to your neighborhood upperclassman, who may have purchased a 42” tv for $300…or a 6′ Bookcase for $10.  Continue reading

Best way to buy books etc…and get them fast.

Amazon Student

You’ll need books, study tools, and gadgets during your four years here…Best to save money now. Amazon Student is a free membership program for [Medical] students. Amazon Student members receive benefits such as six months of FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime, and e-mail alerts for discounts and promotions. (Trust me…it’s better this way…) Continue reading