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Orientation – Day 2. Right now, you’re either relaxed, or stressed out of your mind – Fear not  the upper clansmen are hard at work setting up this site in its entirety for you,  in the mean time however – you should get a jump on the apps worth downloading on those fancy new iPads…

Some of these are more beloved than others – (there’s no accounting for taste) so read the whole list before you go dropping benjamins on any of the non-free ones.

Blackboard (Mobile Learn)  (free) – Must have for the Meharrian. When a professor appears wielding some brand new lecture, (and the inevitable “is it on blackboard?” question is asked…you’ll already have the answer”) Look for the “share” button in each opened document to “open in” one of the other’s on this list.

iBooks – gotta have it (should already be on there) so that when you receive notes created with the new iBooks Author (free) you can interact with them freely. (It’s also nice to actually read on.

Kno Textbooks – (free) It’s been updated since this review was written – which means that it’s now awesome – great to have if you want to start the year with organized Ebooks….which you do.

Readability – (free) Usable in a variety of situations where you’re doing research and got tired of all of the adds and @)#$*@#$ sitting in the margins. (sometimes..just click “reader” in the safari address bar…)

Dropbox – (Free) It’s a shame that in the 21’st century I still need to explain what “the cloud” is, but simply put, Dropbox gives you a 2GB flash drive on the internet, accessible at any time, from anywhere. Add photos to it via their uploader….and they’ll give you up to 3GB of additional (free) space. Share folders with friends who eventually download Dropbox themselves…Dropbox will give you 500GMB (and sometimes a full 1GB) per each. (I’m currently at 15.5 GB)

Box (Box.net) – (free) Same thing. More Space. For Free. Every so often, they unleash a crazy deal…like “Download this for the iPad and get 50GB online…free…FO LYFE!

Pomodoro ($5.99)- Someone in your class speaks italian. They probably don’t need this app. You do though, and by giving you 25min of hard studying followed by breaks of varying lengths…you too can speak italian. or just learn medicine.

Notability – ($0.99) you can tell who an app is meant for when the review shows a diagram of the eye. (this is a MUST buy…on top of whatever else you’ve got.) Make sure to stick to a class/subject/lecture organization system though, or it will eat you alive.

iAnnotate PDF – ($9.99) there are a couple apps that I sleep with at night. This is one of them. (yeah..it’s a lonely life.) Edit ANYTHING ….PDFs, Word .Docs, Powerpoint Slides, Human Beings…if you can get it inside the app (be patient, it’s probably converting) it will spit it out in PDF form, and allow you to EDIT the @)#($*@ out of it. (Make sure to aggressively customize your toolbar, as you’ll find that this app allows page deletion, emailing from the app, hyperlinks, film, photo, recordings, and thumbprinting…in case you get pulled over on D.B. Todd.)

Pages – (9.99) There are several other Word-type document editors out there – so feel free to choose any of them (especially if you’d rather use that Alex Hamilton on tequila) However, Few apps are a stable as Apple’s own, and even fewer are as sexy. I like it, I use it. You should too…(besides, whats $10 to med student would you please remind me?)

Neo Office (free?) eh…..i’m putting this on here because it’s free. I’d go with one of the others given it’s low ratings. but hey, I know one of you will probably benefit…

PS Touch -($9.99) One of you is probably a graphic designer…or worse…really busy in a lot of organizations. It never hurts to have the ability to make an attractive flyer. Once you figure this one out (i strongly suggest you watch the tutorial) you’ll never make one of those ugly microsoft ones again…if you do…I won’t read them.

Flashcards Deluxe – (free) What’s that you say? you’re old school? ….wonderful. Download this app, and get to flash-carding your way through Microbiology….which is the only way to get through microbiology. P.S. Search USMLE, Micro, Anatomy, Biochem…Medical Student..Mnemonic…really anything and download the FREEEEE Quizlets created by your classmates across the country.

iFlash (free) – Haven’t used it – but apparently it’s a useful flashcard app? Didn’t even bother to put a hyperlink under it.

Rowmote – this was designed by an MD…while he was in residency. (there is no spoon…) And will allow you to too to possess power over any gadget (with an “i” in front of it) in your house. Use it to control presentations given to friends…or music while you study…

Vimeo – (free) They’ve got an app…it’s free…some of your classmates have channels on it.

Flipboard (free) – anybody who claims that their device is ugly, or “just like any other tablet” clearly hasn’t downloaded this….Sexy can i?


Twitter: Yes- and actually, you already have the app…just go to settings, and setup twitter integration on your iPad. (it’s good to have simply because of the nature of medical school communication….

NPR (free) – remember when you were trapped in the car with parents who listened to old-sounding people on NPR? Well, now you’re one of them…and in Med School, it’s very easy to lose touch with everything that’s not graded. Setup NPR health as one of your favorite stations…it’ll keep you from being embarrassed when you walk over to Vandy.

Air Display ($9.99) I don’t buy useless stuff often…but when I do..I buy Apps. Air display  will turn your iPad into another screen for whatever is your primary computer (Mac, PC, Laptop, Desktop..) Which is always nice because there is never enough space for everything you’ll be asked to learn.

Square / Square Register: (free…and Free attachment!) Holy Refund Checks batman! …. Protect that money with your life…I.E. don’t waste it on $3.00 ATM fees in West Basic because your classmates didn’t bother to join the digital/mobile revolution. Download this app, order the (free) attachment, and being swiping your card to pay. (p.s. they take 3 cents out of every dollar)

Plex ($5.00) – Kaplan videos (you’ll learn what those are later) are wonderful…they’re also space-consuming. If you were smart and bought a 64GB iPad…good for you, Store away. If you’re like me, stream your videos from your home PC, and watch the entire course of the “single carbon” in the single carbon pool from school. (P.S both computers must be on the same network)

Stanza (free) – In case you find one of those rare .dJvu documents that nothing else can seem to read. STANZA’s got you. It’s otherwise exactly like iBooks but primed for the eBook market.

CHM reader (just find one that’s free) – CHM’s are a pain to deal with…frankly, buy the hardcopy book.

Spotify – because every deserves on-demand music….and more Rihanna.

P.S – if you come across any that you like, please, add a comment, (so that the masses may benefit from your infinite wisdom. Again. Welcome to Meharry)

Credit to Appstorm.net for reminding me that this needed to be done.