Good Morning Everyone

I hope everyone is doing well.  As you all know this morning 10 am (E.S.T) the Supreme Court of the United States delivered a ruling invovling the health care law championed by President Barack Obama in a landmark decision that will impact the elections taking place this November and the lives of every American. In a 5-4 ruling the Supreme Court reached the resolution toUPHOLD the  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (some have coined it Obamacare). This decision supports the idea of the individual mandate requiring people to buy or have health insurance beginning in 2014.  As a result of keeping the law there are several key highlights that will impact not only our life but our families and the communities we wish to serve;

  • Several million Americans under the age of 26 gained access to health insurance due to this law and now have the opportunity to maintain it
  • The requirement that insurers cover people with pre-existing conditions remain active.
  • As of 2014 small business with more than 50 full time employees will have to provide health coverage.
  • Even of lesser known ways, all food chain restaurants must list calories under every food item on a menu.

 Italo Brown and I have been working with the Tennessee Health Care Campaign to

orchestrate a RALLY FOR OBAMACARE, that will take place today, Thursday June 28th, 2012 — 5:00pm Central Time at Nashville (Metro) General Hospital.  Please come out and show your support as the brand of Meharry.(Attire: White Coats…jeans/khakis…think Casual Fridays + White Coat)   This a great way to showcase ourselves not only as students, but as future knowledgeable physicians who are involved in the ideas and policies that involve our health care profession and the community we once will serve.  Best wishes and I hope to see you all there.

-Jamar Slocum