20120702-181426.jpg“Nashville’s so boring!” they say…”There’s nothing to eat…” clearly, they have no idea what they’re talking about. We’ll try and keep interesting eateries and events highlighted on this site for the short time that we’re running it as well.

– Now for the Local Taco.

“This might be the most legit taco I’ve ever tasted”…said the med student pictured on the right.

On the left, – “It reminds me of home…in Trinidad.”

by maintaining a varied menu, and keeping prices low, the Local Taco might be one of the best taco deals in town – (stay tuned to hear about the other great Taco temptation)

This writer enjoyed Three taco’s, Smoked chicken, Cajun Shrimp, and Barbecue Brisket, all for about $9.20120702-181504.jpg

(Get queso with your chips.)

Watch out for regular specials, which include a $4 Margherita on mondays, and some thursday special I was too well-fed to care about.