The best "ANSWER" since Iverson

Remember all of those Word processing apps we said to download that were $5.99 and up? prepare to throw them at us…we just found the best FREE alternative. (sorry)

(It’s called “CloudOn)

So, by now you’ve hopefully developed some skills with “Dropbox” and other apps that allow you to store information on the internet (usually for free) in that place we call the cloud.

Most of the apps that allow you to interact with these documents are expensive, (Sure…10 bucks will buy you happiness at a bar, but it’s a lot to pay for a digital tool) Most of them aren’t even very easy to use, requiring you to sync doc’s every five minutes to be certain that they’ve arrived.

CloudOn solves this problem by interacting with the documents WHILE they’re in your dropbox. Consider it a keyboard attached directly to your dropbox.

Interacting with Files is a breeze – and signing on for a CloudOn account (free) is also pretty easy. I’d give it Five stars, two thumbs up, and twenty bucks…but wait…it’s free.

No artificial ingredients. You’re working in the real Microsoft Office.
One-Stop-Shop. Forget going all over the web. CloudOn delivers your Dropbox and Box files to one place.
It gives & receives. A couple taps lets you open email attachments directly in the workspace or send files to anyone – even if they don’t have a CloudOn account.
Open to all. Whether it’s a PDF, PNG, or EPS file, CloudOn won’t discriminate. Use the file viewer to open and view virtually any file type.
It’s got your back. Gone are the days of having to worry about losing your work. CloudOn saves any change you make – automatically.

For more ways to use CloudOn, check out our videos at: